Health Report

Nomenclature: SD-Rag2tm2Hera Il2rgtm1Hera/HeraArc
Product Code: Onco Rat
Strain Description: Mutant Inbred
Coat Colour: Albino

Produced under contract with Hera Biolabs. An MTA is required to purchase these animals.

  • A new Rag2/Il2rg SCID rat.
  • The SRG ratâ„¢, is a SCID rat on the Sprague-Dawley background harboring a double knockout for the Rag2 and Il2rgamma genes.
  • The SRG rat overcomes limitations of mouse models such as NSG mice. For example, the SRG rat enables tumor cell line xenograft models that were previously inefficient or not feasible in mouse models. While the long timeline required for the establishment of patient derived xenografts or PDX models in mice is often impractical; the SRG rat grows ~10x larger tumors enabling PDX establishment and efficacy studies in fewer passages and a shorter amount of time. In published data the SRG rat has demonstrated key advantages for use in preclinical trials. Superior xenograft take up rates, growth kinetics and larger sample sizes make for powerful tumor models in the SRG rat.