Health Report

Nomenclature                                                         B6.SVJ129-Rag1tm1Bal/Arc
Product code RAG1 N10
Strain Description Mutant inbred
Coat Colour Black
MHC Haplotype H2Kb
Complement Factor C5 normal
  • Black N10 mice available.
  • Housed in an isolator.
  • Mice homozygous for the Rag1tm1Bal mutation produce no mature T cells or B cells.
  • Their phenotype can be described as a “non-leaky” severe combined immune deficiency (Prkdcscid/Prkdcscid). Prkdcscid mice produce some B cells and IgM.
  • They have no CD3+ or T cell receptor (TCR) alpha-beta positive cells.
  • The thymus of the mutant mice contains 15 to 130 times fewer cells than heterozygous or wildtype siblings.
  • The thymocytes are CD8CD4 and most are IL2 receptor positive.
  • Neither the spleen nor bone marrow contain any IgM or IgD staining cells, indicating an absence of mature B cells.
  • These and other data suggest that B cell and T cell development has been arrested at an early stage.
  • Macroscopically, the mutants are indistinguishable from heterozygotes or normal wildtype siblings.
  • Old mice can develop inclusion body nephropathy.


Rag1-/- Mouse