Health Report Area 3

Nomenclature FVB/NJArc
Product code FVB
JAX stock number 001800
Strain Description Inbred
Coat Colour Albino (A/A Tyrc/Tyrc)
MHC Haplotype H2Kq
Complement Factor C5 deficient
  • Useful for production of transgenic mice as fertilised eggs contain large and prominent pronuclei, which facilitates microinjections.
  • Aggressive. Especially male stock from 6 weeks of age.
  • May get lung tumours but low incidence of lymphomas.
  • Neuropathological conditions in some sublines, showing seizures and neuronal necrosis in cerebral cortical and hippocampal neurons.
  • See www.jax.org  for more strain information.
  • These mice are sold subject to The Jackson Laboratory’s Conditions of Use and also the Australian Patent Number (2004268530). Information regarding conditions of use is available at: Jax General Terms and Conditions