Health Report Area 3a

Nomenclature DBA/2JArc
Product code DB2
JAX stock number 000671
Strain Description Inbred
Coat Colour Dilute brown (a/a Tyrp1b/Tyrp1b Myo5ad/Myo5ad)
MHC Haplotype H2Kd
Complement Factor C5 deficient
  • High incidence of sterility.
  • High incidence of spontaneous calcification of the heart muscle in older mice.
  • Low blood pressure, high red blood count.
  • Active and aggressive.
  • Intolerance to ethanol.
  • Susceptible to audiogenic seizures (begins at 2 weeks, peaks at 3 weeks, gradually declines with age).
  • Progressive hearing loss.
  • Generally susceptible to infectious agents.
  • Eye abnormalities (glaucoma, corneal mineralisation).
  • See www.jax.org for more strain information.
  • These mice are sold subject to The Jackson Laboratory’s Conditions of Use and also the Australian Patent Number (2004268530). Information regarding conditions of use is available at: Jax General Terms and Conditions.
  DBA/2JArc mouse