Health Report Area 3a

Health Report Area 3

Nomenclature C57BL/6JArc
Product code B6
JAX stock number 000664
Strain Description Inbred
Coat Colour Black (a/a)
MHC Haplotype H2Kb
Complement Factor C5 normal

  • Susceptible to the development of atheromatous lesions after 20 weeks on high fat diets.
  • Develops non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and hypertension when fed a high/fat, high simple-carbohydrate diet.
  • Glucose intolerance is due to spontaneous mutation in Nicotinamide Nucleotide Transhydrogenase (Nnt).
  • Generally refractory to many tumours and to many infectious agents.
  • Congenital abnormalities include microphthalmia, corneal opacities, anophthalmia and hydrocephalus (Smith, R.S., Roderick, T.H. and Sundberg, J.P., 1994).
  • Susceptible to imperforate vaginas and mucometra.
  • White spotting commonly observed in pigmentation.
  • Aggressiveness observed in male stock from 6 weeks of age and female breeders.
  • Fighting amongst males increases when cohorts are divided into smaller groups.
  • Barbering and ulcerative dermatitis observed.
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