Custom Strains

Housing and Maintaining Customers’ unique Mouse or Rat Strains at the Animal Resources Centre

The Custom Strains department at the Animal Resources Centre provides breeding and maintenance of customer-owned rodent strains, including inbred, hybrid, congenic and genetically modified strains. All strains are rederived by embryo transfer and then housed in our Custom Strains barrier area.

What Custom Strains Staff Provide:

  •   Initial advice on the design of breeding program
  •   Weekly maintenance and monitoring of breeding programs in consultation with the customer, according to customer requirements
  •   Experience in monitoring animal welfare in ‘non-mainstream’ strains
  •   Regular health screening and quality control monitoring
  •   Date births regularly
  •   Wean pups at 19-21 days old
  •   Reserve progeny for future breeding
  •   Reserve progeny for despatch (as requested by client)
  •   Provide weekly breeding and stock updates
  •   Ongoing advice on colony size management to minimise cost to researcher
  •   Privacy and confidentiality of strain information

A maintenance charge is calculated according to the number of boxes maintained weekly for each rodent strain, plus any additional services provided. The Animal Resources Centre does not provide genotyping services; we collect tissue samples and send them to the researcher for genotyping. We can however recommend genotyping service providers if required.



We can provide a number of additional services at the Animal Resources Centre.


  • Breeding and maintenance – Cleaning, feeding, watering, dating births,
    maintaining and breeding of your unique rat and mouse strains. (included in regular weekly box cost)

  • Sample collection – Tissue collection (ear or tail), Saphenous vein blood collection, Cardiac blood collection, Urine glucose analysis (additional cost)

  • Sample delivery – Local and interstate sample delivery (additional cost)

  • Miscellaneous services – Time-mated females, Weighing animals, Tattooing (additional cost)

Costs may vary according to specific customer requirements. For more information or to discuss your unique requirements and receive a quote, please contact the Animal Resources Centre on (08) 9332 5033 or by email to the Custom Strains Manager ( or the Imports Coordinator (