laboratory rodents

The Animal Resources Centre (ARC) is a self-funding Statutory Authority of the Government of Western Australia and for over 30 years has supported Australian and regional Asia-Pacific biomedical research, teaching and diagnostics by producing and supplying genetically-defined, specific pathogen free (SPF) research rats and mice. The outbred, inbred, mutant, hybrid and congenic lines of mice and rats supplied by the Animal Resources Centre meet the exacting world-class demands of contemporary biomedical research via animal health monitoring, genetic testing, quality assurance, and specialist production and maintenance expertise.

Through an Animal Ethics Committee (AEC), the animal care and use program at the Animal Resources Centre complies with the Australian Code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes (8th Edition, 2013) and all operations are ISO9001 compliant. These functions safeguard Australia’s biomedical research investment by minimising research-related variables associated with animal production including husbandry, veterinary care, transportation, and the specialised physical plant.

The Animal Resources Centre is an authorised breeder of selected mouse strains derived from pedigreed stocks from The Jackson Laboratory and may supply these strains to researchers in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. The advantage being that genetic drift is minimised and strains are comparable on a national and international scale. The Jackson Laboratory’s repository has the largest variety of specialty mouse strains available from any single organisation.

Although predominantly an Australian national resource, the Animal Resources Centre has imported strains from over 100 international suppliers and exported to over 20 countries and continuously evolves to meet the biomedical demands of Australia and Asia-Pacific regions. The animal models maintained at the Animal Resources Centre are driven by customer demand and change accordingly.

The Animal Resources Centre develops, cultivates, and maintains a strong customer service and research partnership by meeting or exceeding unique institutional demands and supports domestic and international biomedical research programs by leveraging well-serviced, dedicated airports. Centralised resources permit ‘one-stop-shopping’ for essential customer services, including import/exports, animal health monitoring, evaluating genetic integrity, quarantine, rederivation, and cryopreservation.

This booklet outlines the Animal Resources Centre’s products and services and should be used as a guide only; details are subject to change. Additional information may be found on the website www.arc.wa.gov.au or by contacting info@arc.wa.gov.au.