The Quality Promise

Australia’s own Animal Resources Centre (ARC) employs multiple measures to provide high quality, specific pathogen free animals. Our closed colonies require rederivation before entry to minimise the risk of introducing disease. The detailed quality control program includes health screening, genetic testing and phenotype monitoring. Our on-site veterinary staff and standardised breeding and maintenance procedures facilitate product consistency. The purpose-built, dedicated animal facility provides a controlled environment and HEPA-filtered fresh air. While these control measures cannot prevent biologic or animal-based variation, we strive to provide excellent customer service to keep our customers informed. We have a history of dedicated support to the biomedical research industry.

The ARC is ISO9001 accredited; all Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions are audited annually. The ARC is an authorised breeder of select, pedigreed mouse strains from The Jackson Laboratory; supplying these select strains to researchers in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. Animal welfare is a constant consideration. Production colonies are regularly monitored to minimise overproduction. The ARC’s Animal Ethics Committee is an active partner in our production, custom colonies, and internal animal research programs. Custom colonies are monitored to ensure appropriate animal supply while minimizing overproduction.

We are excited about offering American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) courses to all ARC employees.

The ARC is a member of the non-profit Animal Transport Association (ATA). The ATA aims to involve members internationally to find solutions to the variety of problems related to animal transport. Members subscribe to the statement of policies and agree that the first consideration is the safe, humane and expeditious handling of any animal under our care.

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