Transportation Services

For over 30 years the Animal Resources Centre has been dedicated to providing safe and efficient transportation of laboratory animals and related products throughout Australia and overseas. Building and maintaining strong and reliable relationships with our airline partners, freight forwarders, road couriers and customs agents ensures we can confidently transport animals. As a client this means less stress for you and less stress for the animal. Australian and International clients can be assured that our optional door to door delivery is undertaken by professionals in the field of laboratory animal transportation. Our experienced partners assist us with hundreds of shipments a week throughout Australia and worldwide. Let the Animal Resources Centre team of transportation experts assist you in providing the most efficient and cost effective solution that will meet your needs.

The ARC Advantage

Our facility is located close to domestic and international airports, and trusted road couriers, with specially trained drivers delivering animals. Animals are shipped in filtered, IATA-approved shippers with high quality food, gel packs and bedding. Temperature controlled cabinets are available at Perth Airport for our exclusive use. This allows the animals to rest in monitored, temperate conditions prior to departure. The internal and external box temperatures are closely monitored to comply with animal welfare practices. The Animal Resources Centre will postpone any animal shipment if the ground temperature risks animal welfare. Established relationships with major airline carriers guarantee competitive rates, a reliable and flexible service, and excellent safety records. Our customer service team can provide you with transportation options to suit your individual needs.   Animal Exportation Services The Animal Resources Centre is an industry leader in the exportation of animals to over 20 destinations worldwide. Over the years we have established a professional network of industry providers including airline carriers, customs agents and freight forwarders that provide you, the client, with hassle-free transportation and documentation. Please contact for more information.

The Animal Resources Centre Advantage

Our exportation experts have specialised knowledge of international requirements and regulations for shipping laboratory animals and are able to assist you in providing the most efficient and cost effective solution to your needs. We can assist and liaise with Australian and overseas researchers needing to export animals from Australia for collaborative research. We provide filtered shippers designed specifically for international exportation and if required, door-to-door delivery including customs clearance. We are familiar with handling the supportive documentation required by different countries and can provide health certificates when required. Shipments are transported and lodged at the International Airport by trained staff. Supply and transport of popular mouse and rat strains Contact
  • Off-the-shelf selection with per animal pricing.
  • Additional specifications available.

Sourcing and Importing Unique Rodent Strains For Customers

  • Option 1: Import, Quarantine clearance and despatch animals to customer.,
  • Option 2: Import, Quarantine clearance, rederive and despatch to customer, or
  • Option 3: Import, Quarantine clearance, (rederive if required) and maintain at the ARC.

Animal Exportation Services

  • An industry leader in animal exportation to over 20 countries.

Housing and maintaining customers’ unique mouse or rat strains

  • Specialised breeding and personalised colony management with weekly web uploads, pricing per box and delivery as required.

Rederivation to improve the health status of a colony

  • Rederivation of mouse and rat lines by embryo transfer with post-rederivation health screening.

Store a back-up of your mouse strain

  • Cryopreservation of embryos and sperm, and IVF services.