Amendments to Orders (COVID-19)

    The Animal Resources Centre understands that the Coronavirus is impacting animal facilities and businesses alike, so to ensure that we can best accommodate our customers during this period of “uncertainty” with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have reviewed our standard cancellation policy. The temporary changes to our cancellation policy effective immediately, for orders delivering through to 17/04/2020 will be as follows:   Cancellation of Orders will only be accepted if done so within 24 hours of the anticipated despatch date and we will ensure that there are no charges for the animals if they are below 10 weeks of age.  Usually we would allow this for animals below 6 weeks of age.   Cancellation of orders; where the animals had been specifically produced under an “Agreement Form” (please see listing) will incur a 50% charge for the value of the animals. Usually we would invoice for 100% of the value of the animals.  
  • Aged Animals (Animals that are 11 weeks and over are classed as aged animals),
  • Time-mates Animals (Animals that have been mated on a specific day to attain a certain stage of pregnancy),
  • Special Mated Animals (Animals that require extra animals outside of ordinary colony supplies i.e. hybrid mice not already offered).
  If you have a questions or queries on this, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  
  • Voice: (+ 61 8) 9332 5033
  • Fax: (+ 61 8) 9310 2839
      Thank you.

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