Today at the ARC – 04/12/2020


Dear Customer,


ARC has been working on its COVID-19 Pandemic plan for the last 42 weeks. Below is some information we feel may be useful to our customers.


Animal Supply

ARC plans to continue breeding and supplying animals as normal.

Animal deliver contingency plans should commercial airlines cease operations are being put in place. However, this could involve some additional cost.

All standard animal health maintenance procedures will carry on as normal.

Health and genetic monitoring will continue as normal.


Equipment supplies

Extra supplies are either on site or in transit to maintain normal working in the event of supply disruption.

All essential equipment is been serviced ahead of schedule.



No staff are travelling internationally or interstate for ARC business. All staff returning from international travel are being home isolated for 14 days.

Extra hygiene, staff separation, and social distances are being enforced. Large meetings will be held digitally wherever possible.

Plans to separate staff into family/social groups to reduce the spread of the virus are in place.


Please contact ARC if you require any further information.


  • Voice: (+ 61 8) 9332 5033
  • Fax: (+ 61 8) 9310 2839