Health Report

Nomenclature: SD-Rag2tm2Hera Il2rgtm1Hera/HeraArc
Product Code: Onco Rat
Strain Description: Mutant Inbred
Coat Colour: Albino

Produced under contract with Hera Biolabs.

  • A new Rag2/Il2rg SCID rat.
  • Sprague Dawley Rag2 null rats created from engineered spermatogonial stem cells are immunodeficient and permissive to human xenografts.
  • In order to overcome the limitations of the SCID rat, Hera Biolabs developed the Sprague-Dawley Rag2 null (SDR) rat. SDR rats are generated on a Sprague-Dawley background – an albino, outbred lab rat that is preferred for metabolism and toxicity studies. Sprague-Dawley rats are also preferred for their calm demeanour, ease of handling, and larger size than Wistar rats. The SDR rat is null for the Rag2 gene which results in a lack of B-cells and a severely reduced T-cell population4. These rats are highly permissible to xenografts and xenografts demonstrate greater uniformity in growth profiles. SDR rats have also been shown to successfully host large, rapidly developing xenografts of human cancer cell lines (e.g. H358, VCaP) that are difficult or impossible to generate in NSG mouse models. The SDR rat maintains a population of NK-cells which makes this model unlikely to accept xenografts of all tumour types.