Siblings, Litter Mates, Cage Mates and Stock


Siblings – (Brother/Sister)

Two or more animals from the same litter. These animals may need to be selected when the mother is pregnant so that the she can be removed from a harem cage and left to litter on her own.

Please allow at least 3 weeks from ordering to delivery.

Additional housing costs may apply.


Litter mates

Animals from the same cage with the same father, these may be from a harem cage so are not necessarily B x S. If you need related animals order Siblings.

These animals need to be ordered pre weaners.

Additional housing costs may apply.


Cage mates

Stock animals weaned into the same stock cage, these animals will be from multiple litters.

These animals need to be ordered as pre weaners. Once weaned animals will not be added or removed from the cage.

Additional housing costs may apply.


Stock Animals

Animals of the same strain, sex and age housed together post weaning from unknown parentage.

Stock cages do not necessarily contain the same animals as they get older. Generally as stock is sold cages are combined to reduce cage numbers and maintain a steady growth rate.

Animals are weaned at 19-24 days depending on the strain characteristics.