Practical Aspects of Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia

Practical Aspects of Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia – Small to Large Animals Presented by Dr Cholawat Pacharinsak DVM, PhD, DACVAA


Hosted: Thursday 14th June 2018


Anaesthesia is frequently a crucial part of animal research for surgical and nonsurgical procedures involving  small to large animals. Because there is no one size fits all anaesthetics, anaesthetists need to tailor anaesthetic protocols or techniques, accordingly. Furthermore, analgesia frequently fails to fall within the ‘one size fits all’ category, too. The goal of this informal seminar is to share my experiences of anaesthesia and analgesia in laboratory animal species. The following will be discussed:


1) Injectable anaesthesia in rodents

2) Example of sedation in larger species (pig/sheep).

Link to video presentation and notes.

  1. Mouse Anesthesia and Analgesia
  2. Practical Aspects of Lab Animal Anesthesia – Small to Large Animals

This seminar is suited to veterinarians, veterinary technicians, AEC members and researchers.

Dr Cholawat will be available for questions and open discussion following his presentation.