Housing and Maintaining Customers Unique Mouse or Rat Strains at the A.R.C.

The Custom Strains department provides breeding and maintenance of customer-owned rodent strains, including inbred, hybrid, congenic and genetically modified strains. All strains are housed in our Custom Strains barrier area under SPF conditions.

What Custom Strains Staff Provide:

  • Initial and ongoing advice on breeding program design
  • Weekly maintenance and monitoring of breeding programs in consultation with the customer, according to customer requirements
  • Experience in monitoring animal welfare of ‘non-mainstream’ strains
  • Regular health screening and quality control monitoring
  • Date births regularly
  • Wean pups at 19-21 days old
  • Reserve progeny for future breeding
  • Reserve progeny for despatch (as requested by customer)
  • Provide weekly breeding and stock updates via an online Web-upload system
  • Ongoing advice on colony size management to minimise customer costs
  • Privacy and confidentiality of strain information

A maintenance charge is calculated according to the number of boxes maintained weekly for each rodent strain, plus any additional services provided.

The Animal Resources Centre does not provide genotyping services; tissue samples are collected and sent to the customer for genotyping.