Mated Animals

The Animal Resources Centre can only guarantee that animals have been mated on a specific date by observation of a vaginal plug. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the mating.

Your order will be accepted if you acknowledge the following conditions. A copy of this form will be faxed to you when you place your order.

Mice are hormone synchronised and mating is determined by observation of a vaginal plug. Rats are naturally mated.

Please note the following particulars:

  • Day 0 of pregnancy is the day the vaginal plug is observed. It is recommended that customers confirm their requirements with the relevant literature to ensure consistency.
  •   We are able to guarantee that 100% of mice and rats supplied after day 14 post-mating will be pregnant, however loss of pregnancy can occur during transport.
  •   Mated females less than E14 are not guaranteed pregnant.
  •   Please note the time-mated animals conditions of sale:
  •   Agreement to supply time mated animals

Special Mated Animals

The ARC can increase colonies for one off orders and create F1 hybrids at your request, however accommodating these requests can depend on the strain(s) required and their location at the ARC. Please contact us with your request.

We can also not guarantee that the number of animals requested to be mated on a particular day will in fact mate on that day.

Credit or refunds will not be given for time mated orders.