General Ordering Information

 Ordering Procedure


The Animal Resources Centre accepts orders by telephone, fax, online (Presently local West Australian customers) or email.


Telephone (08) 9332 5033 (International: +61 8 9332   5033)
Fax (08) 9310 2839 (International: +61 8 9310   2839)
Online Ordering Website
Address Animal Resources Centre PO Box 1180,Canning Vale, WA 6970, Australia
Specific conditions of sale apply to the purchase of animals from the Animal Resources Centre. The current Terms and Conditions may be found on the website. All orders need to be placed by 11am (AWST) the day before despatch (interstate) or delivery (local). The order confirmation is distributed externally at 1pm (AWST) on Fridays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (the day before despatch/delivery). Please notify us of any variances by 9am (AWST) on the day of despatch for interstate orders and 8am (AWST) for local orders so differences can be rectified promptly.

Please note: An AEC number must be provided upon ordering all live animals for scientific use or teaching within Australia. For genetically modified animals, the receiving facility must have appropriate NLRD approval and physical containment status.

Please Provide the Following When Placing your order:

  • AEC approval number, customer code, purchase order number, strain, sex, quantity, age/weight, desired receipt date(s)
  • Customer name, email, delivery address, telephone number
  • Special instructions (e.g., weight range, individual identification)

Standing Orders

The ARC can ensure you receive your requested animals on an on-going basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, by placing a standing order. Please contact us with your requirements for a standing order.

Cancellation of Orders

It is the Animal Resources Centre’s policy that once an order is placed by a customer, it is a binding contract. We accept that orders may have to be cancelled but we will not accept a cancellation immediately prior to delivery or if animals have been specifically held or bred for the order. If an order is cancelled under these circumstances, the customer will be invoiced for the cost of the animals. Please note that delayed payment of invoices may incur fees.

Customer Concerns

All animals are checked before despatch but please ensure your order is correct on receipt. The nature of biology, especially of inbred and genetically altered animals, is such that the Animal Resources Centre cannot provide surety against complications or conditions arising after despatch and within the first 24hrs. In the event of abnormalities or losses due to transport, please notify the Animal Resources Centre within 24 hours of delivery. No responsibility will be accepted for late notification. Replacement of stock or credit will be negotiated.

All customer concerns will be investigated and are treated as opportunities to improve our business. Concerns about the phenotype or genotype of a strain should also be promptly reported to us.

Health reports

We conduct extensive, routine health screening and have health reports for all areas of the facility; please visit or contact us.


Animals are transported in boxes with air portals covered by filters that assure SPF integrity.

The Centre is within 30 minutes of an international airport. Delivery to the airport is in an air-conditioned vehicle and prior to departure animals are held in an air-conditioned room at the airport. As animals for shipment are not packed until just prior to transport to the airport the typical duration for the animals within the shipping container is fifteen hours or less.

Age of Animals

Birth dates of production animals are not recorded, except for outbred rats. Mice and rats are maintained in age cohorts relative to the week in which the animal is weaned. Weaning occurs during the week the animal reaches 21 days of age. If exact age is required we will set up a specific order at birth, add 10% to the list price per animal.

Please note that mice and rat stocks are held to 8 and 12 weeks respectively. Prior notice is required for animals older than this.

For mice 13-26 weeks add $0.75 per week (if animals are in isolators add $2.50 per week) and for rats 13-26 weeks add $2.50 per week (if in isolators add $5.00 per week). For animals older than 26 weeks please ask for a quote.


A surcharge of 10% is included for animals ordered within weight ranges listed in the price list. An additional surcharge of 10% will be incurred for animals requested in a tighter weight range as many more animals need to be weighed. Animals are shipped at the body weight requested but fluctuations will occur normally during transit and we cannot guarantee actual bodyweight on arrival.

A surcharge of 10% will also be included if additional animal inspections are requested. An example would be inspecting C57Bl/6JArc females  for vaginal septa.

Pre-mated animals

Mating is determined by observation of a vaginal plug. Day 0 of pregnancy is the day the vaginal plug is seen. We are able to guarantee that 100% of mice and rats supplied after day 13 post-mating will be pregnant, however loss of litters can occur during transport. Conditions of sale for time mated animals can be viewed at here.

Time Mate orders need to be placed at LEAST 4 days before mate date. If the mating date is missed and timed pregnants are CRITICAL then arrangements can be made to palpate females from the production colony to find pregnants to an accuracy of +/- 1 day, a surcharge of 25% of the time mate price will be added. The maximum stage of pregnancy for delivery is E18 for WA and E17 for interstate delivery.

Credit Policy

Please ensure that your order is correct on receipt. In the event of losses in transport or abnormalities in the order please notify the Centre within 24 hours. Replacement of stocks or credit will be negotiated. No responsibility will be accepted for late notification.

The Animal Resources Centre can under no circumstances accept the return of animals after despatch as they cannot be returned to the SPF barrier production units.

Our terms of credit on accounts payable is 30 days.

Please see link: Customer Concerns

Prices include 10% GST (Australian Goods and Services Tax). GST does not apply to international sales.

Price Increases

Please allow at least 5% increase for 2019 pricing. T.B.C.