BALB/c nude

Health Report

Nomenclature BALB/c-Foxn1nu/Arc
Product code BCNU
Strain Description Mutant inbred
Coat Colour Albino (A/A Tyrp1b/Tyrp1b Tyrc/Tyrc).Haired when heterozygous, nude when homozygous.
MHC Haplotype H2Kd
Complement Factor C5 normal
  • Nude is an autosomal recessive mutation located on chromosome 11.
  • Foxn1nu – autosomal recessive Forkhead box N1.
  • Typically, litters consist of equal nude and haired offspring. Preweaner nudes are not as robust as heterozygous littermates and are prone to heat loss, dehydration and slower weight gains, hence they should not be weaned before 4 weeks of age.
  • Prone to dust in their eyes as no eyelashes.
  • Homozygotes are athymic.
  • Female nu/+ prone to cystitis.
  • The two major defects are failure of hair growth and dysgenesis of thymic epithelium due to developmental failure of the thymic anlage arising from the 3rd pharyngeal pouch. The defect lies in the thymic epithelium, there being no intrinsic defect in T cell precursors. Nude mice respond poorly to thymus-dependent antigens because of a defect in helper T-cell activity. Responses to thymus-independent antigens are normal. Normal or increased NK cell activity is present.
  • Housed in an isolator – immunodeficient.
  BALB/c nude