Health Report

Nomenclature SJL/JArc
Product code SJL
JAX stock number 000686
Strain Description Inbred
Coat Colour Albino (Oca2p Tyrc/Oca2p Tyrc A/A)
MHC Haplotype H2Ks
Complement Factor C5 normal
  • Good model for limb girdle muscular dystrophy.
  • SJL/JArc mice are immunocompetent but have elevated levels of circulating T cells.
  • Average breeding performance.
  • High incidence of type B reticulum cell sarcomas.
  • High incidence of spontaneous amyloidosis.
  • Sensitive to immune tolerance induction at birth but by two months becomes resistant to tolerance induction.
  • Stock males are very aggressive.
  • See for more strain information.
  • These mice are sold subject to The Jackson Laboratory’s Conditions of Use and also the Australian Patent Number (2004268530). Information regarding conditions of use is available at: