Health Report

Nomenclature NOD/ShiLtJArc
Product code NOD
JAX stock number 001976
Strain Description Inbred
Coat Colour Albino (A/A Tyrc/Tyrc)
MHC Haplotype H2Kg7
Complement Factor C5 deficient
  • Strain was formerly called NOD/LtJ until 2007 when it was changed to NOD/ShiLtJ.
  • This strain is used in immunology and inflammation research and is a polygenic model for type 1 diabetes.
  • The Jackson Laboratory reports that diabetes occurs in 90-100% of females by 30 weeks of age and 40-60% of males by 30-40 weeks of age.
  • Susceptibility to diabetes is polygenic and environment factors such as housing conditions, health status and diet exert a strong effect on penetrance.
  • Good breeding performance but a high mortality is observed in breeders.
  • Females produce 4 to 5 litters before becoming diabetic.
  • Female breeders are aggressive.
  • The incidence of diabetes in males is influenced by environmental factors including pathogens in an inverse relationship i.e. higher incidence of diabetes in germfree animals than conventional animals. Please contact for more information.
  • Mice free from diabetes by 1 year are prone to develop follicle centre cell lymphomas.
  • See for more strain information.
  • These mice are sold subject to The Jackson Laboratory’s Conditions of Use and also the Australian Patent Number (2004268530). Information regarding conditions of use is available at:
  NOD Lt