Animal Importation Service

Update: Temporary closure of ARC Quarantine/Imports facility

The ARC is currently unable to accept new requests for importations due to the following:

  • We are currently undertaking renovations to our quarantine facilities to meet new federal requirements, which are expected to be completed by late October 2022
  • We are progressing ARC transfer arrangements from the WA Government to the preferred independent provider and anticipate completion by the end of this year, at which point all operations will be handed over to the new entity
With this in mind, the decision has been made to suspend all imports until such time as the transfer is complete. We are available to answer queries and expect that imports will recommence in the new year (2023).  

Animal Importation

The Animal Resources Centre offers a comprehensive animal importation service, housing Australian or International sourced rodents (Mice or Rats) in one of their two Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP). Individual customer needs are determined and every import is customised to meet these specific requirements, including, post-quarantine clearance, comprehensive health testing, rederivation, and/or cryopreservation. A case-specific cost estimate is prepared and itemised invoicing allows customers to track expenses. Invoicing for each import is carried out sequentially as each part of the importing process is completed.  

How the Animal Resources Centre Imports your Rodent strain for you

Complete an Import Request Form by requesting one via email from Send completed forms to The Animal Resources Centre’s Imports Coordinator manages all aspects of the import process, including sourcing requested rodent models, document preparation, liaising with suppliers and researchers and organising customs and/or Quarantine clearance at the Australian entry point (international imports only). Costs can vary due to the type of animals and level of services required. Please contact the Animal Resources Centre for a price estimate. Map